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Those of you who love Abraham recordings, this is very similar. Listen in as each week, a client is moved from a low vibration to a higher one in the space of an hour. You’ll not only benefit from the vibrational lift (energy transmits via sound, too), but also from the explanations I provide on why and how the processes I use work. The more you listen, the more you’ll understand LOA.

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Do you believe in the Law of Attraction (or want to), but can’t quite seem to make sense of it?

Do you “get it” intellectually, but can’t quite figure out how to apply it to real world situations?

Would you like to mingle with others who are also consciously working on becoming happier, having an easier life and figuring out Who They Really Are?

The Law of Attraction is actually pretty simple, at its basis. But learning how to apply it in real life can be a little bit tricky. Sure, you can read a lot of books and study different techniques. But as much of that’s all theoretical. What about the practical side?

The best way to to really “get” the Law of Attraction is to work 1 on 1 with your very own LOA coach. But what if you’re not quite ready for that level of intensity and/or financial commitment?

In that case, the second best way to learn LOA is to

  1. Submerse yourself in LOA materials that really make sense to you and make you feel good (you should feel better after reading or listening to something about LOA than you did before you started)
  2. Witness the Law of Attraction being applied over and over again to a variety of real world examples.

That’s why I created this Law of Attraction Coaching Call Subscription Program

Each week, you’ll get access to a recorded coaching call featuring a real life, actual person with real world problems. Listen in as normal people, just like you, are guided step by step from their place of pain, frustration or even despair to a full understanding of what they’ve been doing “wrong” and how to start getting what they truly want.

Check out what Farnoosh had to say:

“Melody has given me a new way to think about the Law of Attraction. I have to admit, I was very skeptical, mainly because as with all things, I don’t believe I really understood it. Melody is gifted, purely gifted, in the way she articulates her thoughts about the law of attraction, and in the way that she teaches and imparts those nuggets of knowledge to you in such a way that you can apply it to your daily life. I have taken away so much from her amazing podcasts and her coaching calls, and her membership site is packed with material that can really help you ease into a life where you attract all the goodness into your life, and not by just sitting around in a wishful thinking state. I love Melody’s practical approach just as much as her feisty attitude, her spunk and her upbeat energy. She is fun and business at the same time and there’s no one I’d rather learn from when it comes to this topic. What can I say, I highly recommend her. Perhaps I even attracted her into my own life. Who knows? Thank you Melody! And keep shining.”

“But is it really useful to listen in on someone else’s coaching call? I have my own issues. Will their problems apply to me?”

Here’s the thing: When you break down the Law of Attraction, the principles are very basic. This actually becomes clearer and clearer as you witness these principles being applied over and over to different situations. The specific examples may vary greatly, but the principles stay the same and they’re transferable to any problem or issue you may currently be experiencing.

And there’s another benefit: When I coach, I enter a very high vibrational state. Just listening to these calls will raise your vibration, which means that you’ll feel better, have more clarity, more understanding and more positive manifestations simply as a result of listening in.


Don’t wait! Get in for ONLY $27/month

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Recorded Coaching Calls: Access to 4 Real Life Coaching Calls per month (a $1000 value!)
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Discounts! Eligibility for Members Only pricing on archived calls.

Check out what Paige had to say:

Melody is amazing. She intuitively knows exactly where to zero in on issues and how to turn things around. I’ve been frustrated with other coaches who work more on the surface with tactics and taking action. I’ve been doing that for years with very little resolution to my issues. I needed someone to help me get to the core of the issue and hit it with a laser. And that’s exactly what Melody did. In one session I felt a huge shift. I’ve always relied on my body to tell me what’s really going on with my thoughts and emotions (I learned to suppress things well in my early years). After that first session my body let me know, in no uncertain terms, that things were changing and moving in the right direction. I highly recommend Melody. She doesn’t dance around the issues. What I love is how she hit me right between the eyes with what was going on in me and how to address it. I feel like I finally got the messages that hadn’t come through in the past. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Melody!!!


Don’t wait! Get in for ONLY $27/month

Listen to an Example!

Don’t worry. I’m not just going to ask you to trust me. Here’s an example of the kinds of calls you’ll have access to. This is an actual, full length coaching call, not just a sample. And it’s yours to listen to or even download.

Caller confronts her fear of confrontation:

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Read what Nathalie had to say:

Melody is awesome. What more can I say? Both her ability to help you shift energy blockages and her insight into the real issues at the heart of those blockages (thus enabling you deal with them effectively, and for good) are truly astounding. I was absolutely amazed at what she helped me accomplish…Beyond this, she just has such an engaging, enthusiastic, personality and really seems to care about *helping* you. Since working with Melody, I’ve become much calmer and more certain about some of the major life decisions I’ve made recently. I feel lighter and happier than I have in a long, long time, and I have made (and continue to make) remarkable progress in a business goal that I have recently set for myself. I attribute that success to the new-found clarity and centeredness that I have found through working with this very talented lady. Thank you so much Melody — you rock and I hope you stay in the coaching business for a long, long time! :-)


Don’t wait! Get in for ONLY $27/month

Meet the Coach

My name is Melody Fletcher. I’m a Law of Attraction coach, writer and teacher. I launched my first LOA site, Deliberate Receiving at the end of 2010 and started my blog two months later. I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction (even before it was called that) since my late teens. I spent years creating growth through pain. I’d get into a situation that didn’t feel all that good and then I’d try to fix it with lots and lots of action and determination. Pain wasn’t a deterrent. In fact, I was proud of how much crap I could handle. And so, it took an awful lot of crap piling up before I’d finally be willing to give up, let go and feel better. Then, incredible manifestations would swoop in, catapulting me into a whole new phase of my life, where I’d do my best to beat everything into place with lots and lots of action and determination. Rinse and repeat.

It took a lot of years, but I finally realized that I didn’t have to suffer to grow. I didn’t have to suffer at all. And once I “got” that, my whole world started opening up. In the last few years, I’ve had experiences that I couldn’t have even dreamed of before. The insights I get on a daily basis are nothing short of spectacular. I lead a fabulous life, living in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve released close to 100 pounds. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to know more, you can read all about me here.

But what matters most is that I’m happy. Really happy. Not a denial-fueled, fake happy, where you can see the underlying desperation in my eyes; more like a bouncy, Golden Retriever puppy. Only housebroken. Mostly.

I launched this LOA Membership Site in order to help others who are searching for answers find that same happiness and joy. I’m not here for everyone. But I might be here for you. If I am, then you’ll feel it in your gut. You’ll just KNOW that there’s something here for you. Do you?

Check out what Ije said:

Before working with Melody, I had done work with the Law of Attraction and working through limiting beliefs. Even though I had manifested some amazing things, I still felt frustrated with where I was. I sometimes found myself caught up in webs of negative thoughts that I had a hard time unraveling. Even though I understand some concepts of manifestation mentally, actually embodying and responding to my life from that place was a struggle.

In my first session with Melody I was surprised at how much got shifted so quickly. Her incisive insights and deep work were exactly what I needed to shift huge blocks of energy that was holding me down. After just three weeks of working with her, I feel lighter, I find myself laughing more for no reason and I am more open with the people around me. Give yourself a gift and book a session with Melody!


Don’t wait! Get in for ONLY $27/month

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